6 reasons why you will love us, hostel Madrid

breakfast included hostel Madrid

According to booking.com we have the best breakfast of any hostal in Madrid. They´re right: coffee, juices, fresh fruit, various types of bread … and it´s all buffet. What´s more if it´s a nice sunny morning, you can have breakfast on the terrace.

Come and try it.

Top Roof Eden hostel Madrid
Yes, they say “From Madrid to Heaven” but stopping by our little palace roof first. Here you can end your day having a glass of wine outdoors while you enjoy the best sunsets in the city. In summer, you can enjoy a solarium, because not everything is going to be walking, right?
dual wifi hostel Madrid
You don´t need to know the difference between 2,5 GHz and 5 GHz, you just have to enjoy it. Here, every access point has both channels , so you won´t have any problems with the connection. Nor with the price, because it´s free.
e-traveling technology hostel Madrid

We offer you the latest in technology to make your trip even more intense. The best Dual WIFI connection, Smart TVs, Tablets… Because for us, technology and traveling is a match that works perfectly.

free activities hostel Madrid

Somebody once said that it´s good to have friends, even in hell. Maybe he went too far, but as a friend of The Hat, you will have benefits such as: free city tours, free entrance in the best clubs in town, concerts and DJ sessions for free. Will your friends in hell be able to improve this?

Ambassadors Hostel Madrid
Waiters? receptionists?…not here. Here we´re all ambassadors of one of the prettiest and most amusing cities in the whole world. And we´re all going to help you pick a route, a restaurant, or whatever you want. Just tell us how much is in your pocket, and let us organize the best plan for you.

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